belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

On Fitness, Weight Watchers and Boned Kirtles

I don't know if I mentioned it here, but ballistabob and I joined WW about three weeks ago. (Okay, he did four weeks ago, and I three.)

My main reason for joining was not so much the loss of weight (although it is always a plus), but mostly the learning more about nutrition. I must say, I have been rather pleased with the results and how user-friendly this system is. And since it is about counting points and keeping check, you also learn about what foods you can eat that won't cost you much, as opposed to those which will "eat" out your entire point supply and have no nutritional value.

Oh, and we're doing it online, not with the meetings. Bonus points for the ease of use of their system. It is a lot more user friendly than Fit Day and it has very good recipes to boot.

Anywhoo, the good news is that I have lost about 4 pounds so far. (I only want to lose 10 before going into "maintenance" mode.) The bad news is, my clothes are becoming loser.

Now, this is not a problem with mundane clothes, which are very forgiving in general, not to mention easy to alter. What I am concerned about is my boned kirtles, particularly the one that I am planning on wearing for our last Court at Investiture. Methinks that I will have to take it in a little bit, lest my girls do not get the support they deserve.

Oh, well. Those are the perils of losing weight.

But since I have kept up with my strenght training and my cardio, at least I may be getting closer to those Linda Hamilton triceps after all.

But it still sucks that I will have to alter my clothes.
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