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University and Other News

Finally, a real post.

As I have mentioned before, work has been kicking my butt, making it very difficult for me to keep up with my entries. Mainly because I need to think before I write.

Or maybe not.

University was a lot of fun, and I had the chance to geek with a number of people I don't see enough of. I especially got some good pointers from blueleader on the cut and fitting of the long trunkhosed breeches that she usually wears. (Have I ever told you that I have breeches envy every time I see her?) It was quite productive.

My two classes went rather well. The first one, "How to Run a Rapier Authorization" was quite entertaining and my audience very receptive. I still have to post the little "checklist" on my website that I promised them.

My second class, "Zen, Fitness and the Art of Defence" was very well attended. It was also very interesting to find out that the audience I got, and the audience domynik got on his class: "The Rapier Athlete," were very different. That is, except for the three enthusiastic youth fighters who decided to attend both. Being as it is that we thought of our classes as Part I and Part II of a series, we were sort of expecting to see the same people in both. It was quite an eye-opener for both of us.

At any rate, I was very happy to see all the interest that these types of classes are eliciting. The other thing is, when I taught this class years ago, I had a very small number of people attending. This time, the attendance was much higher and I had not only rapier fighters but also armored and people who practice other martial arts.

Much to my delight, people were very interested on the psychological part of the game, something that was rather underrated not long ago. My only regret is that I used a bit more time than I expected on the physical training than on the mind game and zen approach. In other words, just when the discussion was getting really good, the bell rang. I can only hope that those folks that were expecting more Zen and less fitness were not dissapointed.

Lessons learned: Next time, I will probably start with the mind game, and zen aspect of the fight, and will close with physical training and nutrition. Especially since the handout has loads of information on the latter, and I don't think that I need to repeat it as much in the class.

I am telling you, the game is changing and so is the audience. One most grow with the times and keep a closer eye on the watch!

On other news, ballistabob has been attacked by whatever bug it is that's going around. He's been sick since Saturday, but he flatly refused to let me go by myself and drive to University. By Sunday he was very much under the weather, and today he decided to stay home. Poor baby. I hope that he gets over this thing soon.
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