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Subliminal Italian

The good news is, I have finished making all the handmade buttonholes for the bodice of my gown. I have also sewn in all the nifty handwrapped buttons that ballistabob has made for me. (I have the best husband ever!) The lacers are also sewn in place, and I have tried the bodice on.

It looks fantastic.

It also looks Italian and not French.


You see, when last we left our heroine, she was trying to accomplish the flat chest typical of the French profile, to an Italian style dress (a very popular thing to do in France at the time). The side-by-side pictures are here: Princesse de Conde. The portrait in the left is the French one, while the portrait in the right is Italian. The French borrowed from the Italians on this one.

Now, either the Pricesse de Conde had no boobs, or she is corseted to death to get the flat chest. It is hard to tell from this picture, but the Italian has a soft curve to her bossom. Well, I tried making this dress using a double corset, but I was not able to breathe, let along to sing in the darned thing. That's when I went for the boned bodice.

The result? Something completely Italian, with a curve that looks exactly like this: The Pulzone Dress

It is absolutely awesome, and even the crimson satin looks like the blue one in the painting. Of course, I have also discovered that if I leave more buttons undone in my gown, the curve diminishes. However, if you look at the side by side portraits in my webpage, you will notice that both ladies have it buttoned rather high. Plus my nifty double-ruched, blackworked chemise will look a lot nicer with the higher collar.

So I don't know whether the French woman had no boobs, was corseted to death, or simply the artist took some licence with the curves, flattening the chest in the portrait. Who knows? I am not altering this bodice. It looks awesome, and I have put a lot of work on it.

Even if it looks Italian.

But I am soooo, making the big French sleeves anyway!

Stay tuned.

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