belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Of Choral Shells, American Idol and Jenna Jameson

Thanks to ballistabob and geoffreyapclwyd, our beloved Baronial Chor, Alle Psallite is now the proud owner (or at least proud user) of has some kickass choral shells.

And what is a choral shell, pray tell? A choral -- or sound -- shell is a portable screen that allows for good sound even in those sites where the sound quality is dubious at best.

So yes, thanks to the hard work of these two awesome guys, who sweated it out for two weekends in a row, we will be able to prod choral butt very soon at an event near you.

Stay tuned.

So did I watch the premiere of "American Idol" last night? Of course not!

Does that mean that all of a sudden I have stopped being an AI fan?

Nope. Not at all. It is just that I have reached a point in which I don't enjoy the spectacle of random individuals dressed like farm animals or something similar, who cannot sing to save their lives, but who will do anything they can just to be on television. Ergo, I will start watching when everyone has already made it to Hollywood and the real competition begins.

So there.

Anywhoo, since American Idol was not really an option, and since thanks to the writer's strike there was nothing really good to watch on television, I decided to watch an E! Hollywood Story rerun on Jenna Jameson.

Nothing like sewing buttons to some of the bulkiest pants ever invented by man while watching the life story a porn star and her rise to fame. Now I will have some entertaining memories every time I wear them.

Which is always much better than thinking that I look like MC Hammer in that getup.

And that, my friends, is worth all the pain.
Tags: american idol, costuming, random

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