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So what happened to my snow?

I must confess, I want snow. There is something terribly disturbing about a winter with no cold weather and not at least one decent snow storm.

And no, a wimpy snowfall that only messes up rush hour and annoys the heck out of everyone doesn't count. What I am talking about is several inches of the white fluff (no ice storm, thankyouverymuch), enough to keep us at home and telecommute for at least one day, snuggled in our pajamas and watching the fire burning in the fireplace. (Or the candles, which have replaced the logs in our fireplace.)

Besides, I am a firm believer in karma. And in a karma that extends to weather. I am convinced that if we don't have at least some really good cold, we will pay for it in the form of some other kind of nasty weather one way or the other.

Maybe it is my OCD talking, but what you gonna do . . .

But at least it is cold today. Not windy, but crisp cold. And when I went outside and walked to our other building, I saw some snowflakes gently floating down in the bright morning air.

A couple of hours later, the snowflakes were gone.

But at least they cheered my day, and that's what counts.

C'mon snow! Show yourself!

What are you waiting for?
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