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I am enjoying the last day of my vacation.

I must say, this is the first time in two or three years that I take time off and I am not jumping into (or climbing out of) planes, trains, automobiles or four legged transportation.

Plus there is no ongoing family drama or anything of the sort.

This is bliss.

Of course, and taking advantage of my time off, yesterday I took the private dollmaking workshop I had booked with Susan Parris.

Boy, did I learn a lot! For one thing, this is a much more time consuming activity than I had thought. For another, I have discovered that I have more of a knack for sculpting than I have for drawing.

In other words, I am hooked.

Susan had also asked me to bring Wilhelmina along, so she could learn more of my work and what I had already accomplished. She told me that I had done a very good job, particularly since this was my very first doll. Moreover, she also told me that the garb was of exceptional quality. That is a very encouraging compliment, particularly coming from an artist like her.

Here is a piccie of the rough draft of what will be my doll's face. She still looks like an alien, as she still needs to be refined and painted, and finished. But for a first try at sculpting a face, it ain't bad.

Stay tuned.

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