belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Quick Entry

Well, I spent most of my evening working on the webpage and fixing files. The nice thing about working with an FTP program that allows you to look at your hard-drive files vis-a-vis the files on the server, is that you can tell when something is not right. In this case, I realized that somehow during the migration, some of my files in the server were scrambled. By that meaning that they ended in the wrong directories and that therefore the links would not work. Once I reorganized them again, everything went hunky-dory.

Or so it seems.

I had also the opportunity to update Delphina's webpage, and add a section on "Random Fun." It made its debut with an article called "Cooking with Delphina.

Warning. This article will make you snort soda from your nose and ruin your keyboard if you are not careful.

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