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Finally, the Report!

Holiday Faire has to be one of my favorite events.

Heck, it has shopping! Lots of it! What's not to like?

Like last year, this time we also decided to clean the closet, get a booth, and merchant with melaniesuzanne, penguininarmor, rheabecc, and psallite. And although I did not sell so many items, I made about as much as last year, if not a little bit more. The best part? Now I have more room in my closets for new garb, and in my sewing room for the wools I purchased last time. Yay me!

The good thing is that the merchanting sponsored my shopping. I got a nifty pink hat and a knitted pouch from attack_laurel, a pattern and some lace from kass_rants, some glassware from Elspeth, and some glass buttons from Grace. I am all set.

Oh, and I was a good belfebe! I resisted the temptation to buy more wool, despite the fact that there some very nice pics out there. I am determined to use what I already have before getting anything else. Again, yay me!

The rapier was also fantastic. blueleader's Free Scholar prize was one of the best that I've ever seen, and afterwards I had the chance to fight with folks I don't get to fight on a regular basis. In fact, I crossed blades with some I had never crossed blades before. That alone made my day.

I also had a chance to work with dante_di_pietro on my nifty Capo Ferro moves (he's got me hooked on that!), and got some good feedback from him, grauwulf and ccunning. In turn I worked with some newer fighters and got to give feedback to them.

Here are the highlights:

  • spanishpeacock being elevated to the Order of the Laurel. (And about time, if you ask me!)

  • Alle Psallite sounding absolutely fantastic. (It's amazing what we can do when we follow our Director's instructions!)

  • Fun merchanting with friends.

  • Buying nifty stuff without breaking the budget (see above).

  • Great rapier fighting and instructing.

  • Gianetta getting her Coral Branch.

  • A bunch of Pontoons getting recognized.

    After the event, we ended up chilling at Greta and the Navigator's new digs, after which we called it a night and went home, ready for some Advil and a good night sleep.

    Doesn't get much better than that.
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