belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

More Pics and Change of Service

Guess what. I got tired of Community Webshots.

No, it is not that it is not a decent service, but quite frankly, unless you upload their viewing tool (and you need to be a member), the viewing format for the general public is rather clunky. Because of that, I have been considering switching to Smugmug, which seems to be a lot more user friendly.

I am now testing Smugmug, and have uploaded the pics from Holiday Faire. Please take a minute to look at them, and compare them with the viewing from my previous posting, which is on Community Webshots, and tell me what you think. Uploading both gives me a good platform for comparison:

Here is the link to the Smugmug album:

Here is the link (again) for the Community Webshots album:

Is it me or even the quality of the pictures look different?
Tags: events, random

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