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Caption Contest!

Greetings loyal readers!

Yesterday we went to Dun Carraig's Baronial Birthday, and we had a blast. And although I was lazy and did not take as many pictures as I usually do at events, I did manage to get a memorable one which has prompted us to have . . . Yes! the First Bel's Picture Caption Contest!

The rules of the game are very simple. I upload the picture, and you suggest a caption. You can have as many entries as you wish, and the deadline will be Sunday, November 18.

Heck, we even have prizes! I am also uploading a picture of our lovely prizes. First prize gets first pick. Second prize gets second pick. Third prize . . . well, you get what you get.

And many thanks to my awesome models, the amazing rheabecc and pirategirlee, for giving me permission to use the picture for the contest.

Oh! Results will be posted by Thanksgiving!

So here is the picture for the caption!


And behind the cut are the pics and description of the prizes!


Prizes are: A pink rubber ducky, a miniature catapult pencil sharpener, and a shake blender that I am modeling.

With these prizes, who doesn't want to compete?
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