belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Gim Rat!

After a week of not feeling myself, I was back on the gym today.

It felt good.

The best part? I can now do squats with 25lb plates on the barbell. Right now, my goal is to graduate to 50lb plates. Yay me!

I find this very cool because, as much as I exercise and weight-lift, I had always been afraid of doing squats with a barbell. For some reason, I figured that I would not be able to go back up without a) injuring myself; or b) dropping the barbell and plates and injuring myself.

Because of that, my squats were usually done either holding hand weights or on the Smith machine.

I hate the Smith machine. For some reason, I have never found a comfortable way of accomodating the durned bar over my shoulders, and I thought that going free-weight with the barbell would be the same or worse.

Much to my surprise, it was much more comfortable, and I have not dropped anything or injured myself. Of course, it does help that I started doing it with just the bar and no weight, adding plates over the weeks as I got stronger.

I feel like Wonder Woman.

Or scratch that. I feel like Linda Hamilton in The Terminator.

Now, if I could only get her triceps.
Tags: fitness

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