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Adventures in Rapier

So last weekend I took Dante's class on using your plateau as your new platform. I must say, it was a great class and I got some useful information. I also promised Dante to keep him posted of any progress or what my experience was. Since last night was fencing practice, I decided to put that new knowledge to good use.

I must say, I found the new format a little bit awkward and I must have been doing something wrong because I started feeling some stress on my left knee. The stance is rather different from what I have been using, and it does take some shifting mind gears on how everything works.

Nevertheless, and knowing that I would probably get my ass handed back to me while I was trying to think what to do next, I plunged into my fights with gusto, and with a single sword. (The latter not being a problem, since single rapier is my favorite form. Call me a purist. So there.)

Sure enough, it was rather weird. Not as bad as I thought it would be mind you, but I did get hit more than usual. Plus, I am early in the game and I have the feeling that it will get worse until it gets better and I get the gist of this thing.

Small price to pay for getting a better game.

Later on, I managed to engage Cosimo and ballistabob to become my drill "buddies" and see if I can finally figure this out without turning myself into a habitual human pincushion.

After some argument and explanation on what I was trying to accomplish, we finally got our act together and I started to get the idea. I must say, as awkward as this is, I was thoroughly surprised at how fast you can throw a shot and what little force you need to accomplish it.

True, now you need to move your body more, but your bladework gets a lot more efficient and with smaller moves. It is as if the blade has a mind of its own, and it sings along with you.

The best part? Now I can't lead with my head lest I stick my head in my pommel. It did wonders for my posture.

I think I can get to like this.

Of course, it is not nearly perfect. Not by a long shot. And getting it right in drills is not the same as getting it right in a real fight. But it helps.

I'll be posting more later.
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