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I was right! Dumbledore was gay! Go Dumbledore!

Anywhoo, University was a lot of fun. I drove with geoffreyapclwyd, and the drive was pleasant and uneventful. Except for the usual spots around Richmond, traffic was mercifully low and we made it to the site with plenty of time to troll in and make it to our respective classes.

My class on "How to Organize and Run a Pennsic Encampment" was well attended and ran very smoothly. (Note to self, must upload the handout to the Fallen From Grace website.) The other one, "Life in 16th Century France," was also a lot of fun and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I actually got a request that I do more like that, in the context of "History as a Soap Opera," which is what I did with this one.

"Dallas" had nothing on the Valois kings and queens, I'm telling you . . .

In the afternoon, I took dante_di_pietro's class on using your plateu as your new rapier platform. If he teaches it again, I highly recommend it.

Next was Aedan's class on rapier and cloak, which I wanted to take again. As usual, it was a lot of fun and very instructive. Which reminds me that I need to fix my cloak and start using it. It is a really nifty form, if you know what to do.

Last but not least, I had intended to take ccunning's class on fighting with the off handed, but I realized that I could not remember when I had taken my rapier marshal's class last. Fearing that it would lapse soon, I went and took that instead.

The night ended with banana split at the Diner with my sweetie, Geoffrey, and the greta_k. After a busy day, that just hit the spot.
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