belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Cover Art

Because I am being lazy today, I am copping out easily with a couple of music videos.

Lately, Yahoo Music has come up with a section they call "Cover Art." That means that some well known artists do covers of other hits. For instance, Seether has done a cover of Amy Winehouse's "Rehab." Why? May you ask. Because they all have a crush on Amy and they are hoping to get her attention, or so they say. At any rate, it is a darned good video. Heck, it is Seether, Amy Winehouse and "Rehab." What's not to like?

My other favorite is Bowling for Soup´s cover of Fergie's London Bridge. Again, I am a sucker for Bowling for Soup's wacky antics, and this one is a riot. If you are not familiar with Bowling for Soup, check out their video of "1985." I absolutely love them.

At any rate, here are the links for those two videos. Enjoy!

Tags: music

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