belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

These Boots are Made for Walking

My boots arrived yesterday, and they are fabulous.

They fit, they are comfortable, and they look like a million dollars, only I paid considerably less for them.

Can I say now "I can haz bootie"?

Missed the gym this morning due to still being sore from Monday. To my credit, I did manage to do my cardio on Tuesday, and I have plans to do cardio and fencing tomorrow.

Friday? A repeat of Monday's workout.

Why? Because it is a good one. I plan to stick with it for four more weeks, to the point in which I am not sore anymore. Then I'll try something else.

Masochist? Hardly. You want to keep your workouts fresh and varied, lest your body gets used to it and you hit a plateau. Plus, doing the same darned thing all the time gets pretty boring, and then you end up dreading the exercise.

Keep things moving baby!

On the costuming front, I am happy to report that I finished the bodice for my new kirtle. I loooove those reeds for boning! They are light, flexible, user friendly, and they result in the most comfortable bodices ever. The only other material that is just as good, in my humble opinion, is broom bristles. Those rock too, and are readily available if you can't find reeds.

Now I need to draft the sleeves, which I will hopefully do tonight, and attach the skirt. That should go fairly fast, and I then I can concentrate on the loose coat. Cold season is approaching fast, and I would like not to freeze my patooties, thankyouverymuch.

And of course, I keep working on the drawnwork apron. I am getting to like doing this. It is a bit more time consuming than other types of embroidery, but the results are very satisfying. Not to mention that it is the type of project that I can work on while watching "Dancing with the Stars."

And speaking of Dancing with the Stars, can someone put Wayne Newton out of his misery?

Really, people. I am the first one to root for the underdog, and I am guilty of having voted madly for Jerry Springer and Billy Ray Cyrus during the past two seasons.

But at least both guys were very entertaining, and did their best even if they could not really dance: Jerry because of his age, and Billy because he has two left feet.

Poor Wayne, on the other hand has all the grace of an iguana on the dance floor. I know that he's the ultimate lounge lizard, and I am a fan of his. But really. Do we have to keep torturing the man and ourselves?

I liked Model Boy better, and I am sorry to see him go.

Oh, well. At least we still have the sexy Brazilian car racer, and he seems to be on the show for the long run.

Here's to hope.
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