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The Quest for the Perfect Boots

For the past two years, I have been hunting for the perfect pair of dress boots.

My perfect pair of boots must have the following qualities: a) They must be knee-high; b) They must be leather; c) They must be comfortable; and d) The heels must not be higher than 2 inches.

Simple, huh?

Not quite.

For one thing, if you do a search or if you go to the store, you will notice that boots nowadays come in two styles: Flat boots, or stiletto boots. Most of the later are at least 3" high, and you can either poke someone's eye out with the heels, or use said heels as an ice-pick to fix frou-frou drinks at a cocktail party.

Taking into account that I teeter in those suckers like a chicken hopping on hot coals, those just won't cut the mustard.

As for flat boots, I already own a pair of those. They have traction like nobody's business and kick ass in snow days, but they just won't go with my mini skirts. Or any skirts, for that matter.

Last year, after much searching, I came up with a gorgeous pair of brown pointy toe boots that featured 2" heels. They looked like the perfect "f**k me" boots, only comfy.

Too good to be true? Absolutely. The heels might not have been higher than 2 inches, but they were still as narrow as any other stiletto pair. This means that when I walk, the bloody things get stuck between every single sidewalk crack you can imagine. And taking into account that around here there are plenty of sidewalks with loads of cracks, wearing these boots to work is out of the question.

Who wears these things? Martians?


Yesterday, however, I was in luck. Just before leaving from work, I did a desperate search on the Web, and I came up with these. They have the right look, the right heel, and they are not higher than 2 inches.

Perhaps I will be able to wear boots to work after all.

Here's to hope.
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