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Fabric, Cars, and Kids

Well, my wool from Denver Fabrics finally arrived, and it is gorgeus.

My next mission? Not buy any more fabric. Period. At least not more fabric until I have used what I have.

The thing is that I have become more selective on what I buy. I still have a lot of stuff I don't need, and that I would like to get rid of in order to clear my sewing room. I am working on that.

This doesn't mean that if I find something completely unusual yet totally appropriate for the sort of thing I am doing, I won't get it. I still have some beautiful orange/black shot linen that I purchased years ago. I had never seen anything like that at the time I bought it, and I haven't seen it since. It will become an Italian outfit (male) right out of a Moroni painting -- it is that similar to the original.

Those kinds of things are hard to come by, so it is okay to do some spur-of-the moment buy. However, spur-of-the-moment should be the exception and not the rule, and it should be done only when something really, really good comes along.

Now, all I have to do is follow my own advice.

Riiiiight . . .

Yesterday, I received a flyer from the dealership where I purchased my car in '03. It basically said "We have several people inquiring about good quality used Toyota Matrixes. You purchased yours in 2003. We are interested on your car and will pay you $1000 over Kelly Blue Book. Hurry! This opportunity ends on September 30!"

Wait a minute! I am also interested in a good-quality used Toyota! A Matrix nonetheless!

Oh, wait! I already have one! And it is paid for! Come talk to me after Carlos graduates from College . . .

Needless to say, I am amused no end.

Last, but not least, I realized yesterday that having a kid with a driver's license is a very convenient thing after all.

For the first time, Carlos drove himself to a doctor's appointment, Downtown no less!. And only got lost once.

The best part? I did not have to take time off from work to drive him back and forth, and he took care of it himself.

Yay Carlos!

And now, back to the Salt Mines.

These people want me to be productive. Imagine that.


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Sep. 20th, 2007 03:37 pm (UTC)
LOL! That Toyota flyer reminds me of the multitude of flyers I get wanted to buy my home. Well sure I could sell you the building but I don't think the other apartment tennets or more importantly, my Land Lord, would like it too much!

Sep. 20th, 2007 03:38 pm (UTC)
And for a few bucks more, I can sell you the Roosevelt Bridge too!
Sep. 20th, 2007 03:43 pm (UTC)
Does ALL of the fabric look good, and when can I give you check/pick up my preciousssssss?

Sep. 20th, 2007 03:44 pm (UTC)
ALL the fabric is fabulous. And you can pick up your precioussss tonight after practice or tomorrow evening.

Fabric . . . yum . . .
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