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I just had lunch with a friend, who used to work with me in my previous job. We were discussing some personal things, and she made a comment that made the lightbulb on my head go "ping."

It is amazing how you can get an epiphany like that. Particularly when the comment comes from someone older and more experienced than you on certain types of things.

I feel much better now.

(And get your mind out of the gutter. This is about family issues like siblings and ailing parents.)

So last night I had my best intentions of showing up at fencing practice.

Oh, wait! I did show up at fencing practice!

In fact, I even changed into my armor when geoffreyapclwyd points out that Denver Fabrics is having a mondo sale because they are selling their Internet business and everything must go.

"Oh," says greta_k. "I didn't know"

"For that matter," I add. "Neither did I."

"Didn't you get the email, Bel?" Asks Geoffrey.

"Probably. But I've been so busy that I didn't see it."

"Bummer," says Greta. "And our Internet is not working yet."

"Well," I say. "I can give you the key to our place and you can use my computer."

"Or you can come with me and we can both shop before everything is gone." Says Evil Greta.


Hmmmm . . . rapier practice . . .

Denver Fabric sale . . .

Rapier practice . . .

The fabric I want might be gone by tomorrow . . .

Rapier practice . . .

and I said that I would not purchase any more fabric . . .

Twenty yards of wool later, I still feel guilty for bolting out of rapier practice.

But the wool is yummy. And some of it is not available anymore.

And it is really pretty.

Which means that I'd better get my butt moving so I can crank out the Fall wardrobe.

After all. I am going to need to use all that wool.
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