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Of Coifs and Condoms, Oh My!

Quote of the day:

"Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much."
Attributed to Oscar Wilde

So the coif project goes on, at surprising speed.

Last night I cut it out, took a bunch of pictures, and started the finishing part. In fact, I have figured out a way of dealing with the lining which might provide me with the embroidery protection I need, while making it easy to take said lining on and off as necessary. If time allows it, the coif will be displayed this week with the lining. If not, it will remain unlined for the time being.

But it is looking very purdy . . .

In other news, it appears thay my assertion that condoms were invented for king Henry IV might have been wrong. It seems that the legend that a Dr. Condom invented condoms for a king, alleges that it was for King JamesCharles II of England in the 17th Century, but it is entirely possible that the whole thing is an urban legend.

Which is not to say that condoms of one sort or another did not become more popular in the 16th Century. In the 1500's, a Italian, Gabrielle Fallopious (for whom the Fallopian tubes were named after) claimed that he had invented some linen sheaths that helped prevent venereal disease. Plus, supposedly, the first documentable traces of condom usage are found in prehistoric drawings in caves in . . . yes, France!

Those Italian and French people really tought about their condoms.

Then again a lot of this information comes from this website so who knows how reliable it is.

Which is not to say that it's not intriguing or at least entertaining.

Man, I think that the issue would make a great topic for a University class . . .
Tags: costuming, embroidery, history
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