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The Girls Next Door go to the Renn Faire

I have been incredibly productive today, and now I am getting sleepy and want to go home.

No such luck. I still have to wrestle with this report. But I am making progress.


And speaking of productive. I am happy to announce that I have finally finished the infamous coif.

Well, okay. I have finished the embroidery. Now I have to wrestle with the finishing, with is a horse of a different color. But I do hope to have it ready for this weekend.

Stay tuned.

In other news, ballistabob and I are officially addicted to the following shows: Top Chef, Who Wants to be a Superhero?, and The Girls Next Door.

(And thank God for DVR. We never have time to watch those suckers when they are actually shown.)

So last night we are watching Sunday's new episode of TGND, and we realize that the girls have decided to go to the Rennaissance Faire.

Good gravy! I absolutely love that show because of its silliness, but this one definitely took the cake.

The trip to the Faire was actually Bridget's idea, who goes every year with one of her friends. Watching everyone get ready was a treat, if you can get over the fox tails and the "wench" outfits.

Having said that, their garb was not as ghastly as some of the stuff that I have seen at actual Faires. That is, if you ignore the fact that Holly took advantage of the occassion to dress up as Sleeping Beauty.

Disney's Sleeping Beauty.

Shoot me now.

As for Kendra, Bridget and their friend, they did the "wench" thing, foxtails and all, and poor Heff was dressed in an "Elizabethan" getup that involved some type of velvet robe, which looked suspiciously like one of his playboy house robes, only with trim and sort of "perioid." Add a Henrician bonnet, and you get the idea.


To top it all off, he and the girls were greeted with all the pomp and circumstance that you can muster at a Faire, and Hef was introduced as Queen Elizabeth's guest, King Henri III of France.

King Henri III of France?

I rolled off the couch laughing.

Someone in that show has a great sense of humor.

Those of you who are familiar with French history will spot the irony of this. To make a long story short, King Henri III would have shown up decked up in very effeminate delicate finery, and surrounded by some beefcake good looking young men, not by good looking young women.

Hef as Henri III was soooooo wrong, at so many levels! I'm telling you. One can have all sorts of fun with history!

(Now, Hef as Henri IV, I can see. The man screwed anything that moved, and condoms were invented specifically so His Majesty would not get venereal diseases.)

(Then again, his first wife, Margot, sister of the aforementioned Henri III, also screwed anything that moved, which made them a perfect couple. One can only hope that once in a while they screwed each other.)

(Or not.).

But the show was great, the girls and Hef had a great time at the Faire, and we loved the show.

I am seriously considering purchasing the DVDs.
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