belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Pennsic Pics!

I have finally managed to upload my Pennsic XXXVI pictures to my LJ Scrapbook.

My favorite ones are the infamous giant cow that we saw on our way up. What can I say? I just could not resist taking that pic.

The other one (and my number one) is the picture of the Ponte Alto Synchronized Swim Team 2007:

Why synchronized swim team? Because everyone showed up for Ponte Alto Court despite the rain, the wind, and the threat of hail. I am especially grateful to TRM Valharic and Arielle, who also showed up despite the merciless weather.

There are a King and Queen for you :-)

Regrettably, I do not have pictures of them at PA Court because our own camera had ran out of batteries. I know that there are some other ones out there, but I have none. (Sniff.)

The PA group pic was courtesy of Lord William of Kenilworth, who does not appear in the photo due to him being the photographer. I have published it with his permission.

And here is the Community Webshots slide show version, of which the very dark pics have been edited out:

Pennsic XXXVI

And now, back to sewing . . .
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