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Quote of the Day:

"Human beings are born with one intrinsic flaw: They bend at the knees."

Sir Samuel Vimes
Feet of Clay by Terry Pratchett.

Today, I got an answer to a question I had regarding 16th and 17th Century coifs. The question was whether or not coifs were lined, and I addressed it to one of the textile curators at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

For some reason, I had the impression that they were lined. However, while reviewing the close-up pictures we took of one of them at the V&A, the coif appeared to be unlined.

Susan's reply was that the coifs they have in their collection are all unlined, and that there are no marks on them to suggest that they were lined at any point in time. She added that the ones that that have a lining had it added in the 20th Century for conservation purposes.

I love talking to curators!

Now I know how I am going to finish my own coif.

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