belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

She Lives!

I am back from Pennsic. With a really bad cold, but back to the land of the indoor plumbing and central A/C.

Pennsic adventures will ensue following a lot of unpacking and laundry washing. In the meantime, I shall regale you with a quick preview:


The Crew of Splat, the man-powered trebouchet: belfebe, ballistabob, Ysolt, Cassandra and Brigid.

Our Beloved and Long Suffering Kingdom Warlord.


The Castle Battle at Pennsic.

Act I (and only Act):

Warlord, [looking at the sling of our trebouchet]: "Wow, that's the largest thong I've ever seen!"

Crew of "Splat": "Large balls require a large thong, Sir!"

Warlord: "Argh! My inner eye!"

Crew of "Splat" [beaming proudly] : "We aim to please, Sir!"

Back later. Laundry is calling my name.
Tags: pennsic, siege

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