belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

SPF 100 and Exploding Brains

Last night we held a small gathering at our home to welcome back The Golden Boy, aka Thing One, aka bigd544, only to discover that after months and months in the African desert, the boy is still as white as a blank sheet of paper.

Like pirategirleee said, they are probably making SPF 100 these days.

At any rate, there was lots of catching up to do and a good time was had by all. Also, much handsewing was accomplished and many plans for woodworking projects and encampment improvements were discussed, until everyone decided to go home relativerly early due to being a "school" night.

And speaking of handsewing, I did make some progress on the gunmetal-blue doublet that I am making for Pennsic. This is the same doublet that is making ballistabob and pirategirleee's eyes water: A gunmetal blue linen jacket, embroidered in salmon-pink silk, and lined in mint-green linen.

This little number has been designed to go on top of the Pink Petticoats of Pinkness, which also feature black guards (2), and darker pink eyelets.

If the color combo for this little number makes your brains explode, I will have accomplished my mission.

More progress to report later.

And if I have time, I will add a white apron to the whole ensemble.

Stay tuned.
Tags: costuming, ffg, pennsic

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