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Of Pennsic War Wagons, Ushering and Rapier Tournaments

Yesterday was a horribly hectic day. Damn, it seems that all my days are hectic lately, but no helping it.

Anywhoo, I went home feeling that what I wanted most was just to jump in bed and sleep, but it was fencing practice and besides, my hunnybunny wanted to go to the Toyota dealership to drop a deposit on a new RAV4. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, as nice as his Baja is, I am not sure that we want to torture the poor thing with yet another trip to Pennsic towing a trailer. Not that it can't do it, just that we like it too much to do that to it.

Hence, the RAV4.

This puppy will have a V6 engine and 3500 towing capacity, as opposed to the 1500 of the Baja. I think we will be happy with it.

At any rate, I am glad I went with him and that I took myself to practice. For one thing, I got to play with dominyk, the Cuddly Orange Terror (el adorable terror naranja en español) and got to usher for Jordan.

Now, ushering used to be something I didn't always want to do. Particularly because when I first started doing it, I was not very good at it. I remember a marshal telling me "Man, that was the worst ushering I've ever seen!" Traumatic, but oh, so true.

Nevertheless, and after marshalling countless authorization bouts, I know now what is it that you are looking for and how to do it. (Really, training ushers is as important as training marshals!) These days, I enjoy ushering as much as I do marshalling.

And speaking of marshalling, stay tuned for the blurb on rapier at the Tournament of Love and Beauty. For one thing, if you are participating, start looking for a consort as the winner of the tourney and his or her consort will be crowned Prince and Princess of Love and Beauty. Yay!

Plus the tournament itself is going to be a hoot.

More to come . . .

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