belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Harry Potter Mania

Barring a couple of projects that I got to put my hands on, this weekend has to be one of the most unproductive pre-Pennsic weekends ever.

I blame it on Harry Potter.

I've been reading the darned thing since Saturday afternoon, and all the way through Sunday. I only stopped to attend the Barony meeting.

And I have not finished yet.

Usually, I am a very fast reader. However, I decided to slow down the pace in order to get every detail instead of just skimming through paragraphs and jumping to the "Where's the beef?" places.

So now I still need to finish my chemise, put together the blue doublet, and put together an apron.

It will get done.

That is, once I finish Harry Potter.

Oh, the humanity!

Tags: costuming, harry potter

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