belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Postcard from the sewing room

The news is, I am becoming addicted to Amy Winehouse, which is rather amusing since she says that she doesn't want to go to rehab.

But there. She's my latest guilty pleasure.

I say, as guilty pleasures go, I could have done much worse.

Pennsic prep is going slowly but surely.

I finally managed to finish my pink dress. Guards are in place, seams have been bound with bias tape, and life is good.

Marcellus' blue doublet is still in the works. But since this will not be a Pennsic doublet, I am not in a horrible hurry. The two chemises I want to cut are more pressing though, and he wants new blackworked cuffs and neckband.

All of this ought to keep me entertained for a while . . .
Tags: costuming, music, pennsic

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