belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Resurrecting from the Dead

I am back in the land of the living.

Sort of.

At least, I will be as soon as I get over this nasty chest cold. But I'm getting there.

The good news is, Madness Week is over, and Report No. 2 approved and ready for the printers. Report No. 3, which will eventually generate another Madness Week, will be starting as soon as I return from my short vacation.

No, I'm not going anywhere. I am just taking next week off and staying home. In the meantime, I will be doing some Pennsic (and non-Pennsic) sewing, and playing with webpages.

And speaking of webpages, I have finally re-written my document on masks and adapted it for the web. It has many more pictures than the original documentation, and it is tres-cool. Go check it out.

(This document is not to be confused with the "Gloves and Masks and Muffs" class handout, which is still up.)

On other topics, much to my concern, I am realizing that I have reached the point in which I find it very difficult to get upset -- or even alarmed -- at any flame-wars. (Insert topic here.)

For some reason that I cannot understand, I am no longer able to jump into the fray and post something on those issues. Instead, I just read the stuff and think to myself "That's nice, Dear," "Thank you for sharing," or "Oh, well. This person will eventually smell the capuccino and get over it. Or not. Whatever."

The truth is, unless it is something that appears that it will have some significant impact in the larger scheme of things, I am not interested. The most I can do is read the message and smile before deleting it.

That is, if I don't hit the delete button first.

Am I becoming too jaded? Or is it that I have learned that there is more to life than worrying about the small stuff?

Or maybe I am turning into Yoda, which is quite alarming as brown burlap is not really becoming, and floppy ears are a definite no-no.

Now, pointy ears like Mr. Spock's are quite flattering. Floppy, hairy Yoda ears just don't go with my hair and makeup. Ergo, they need to go, pronto.

I do, however, get inspiration for writing on some of the topics of discussion from a more practical point of view.

Take for instance, the topic about tokens for artisans at displays and competitions.

One of my favorite customs regarding displays and competitions is precisely the leaving of tokens to artisans. I have been both in the giving and on the receiving end. I must say, it rocks.

Like the inimitable martelvonc, I too believe that keeping said tokens and storing then in an "I don't suck" box is one of the neatest thing one can do for those rainy days in which everything one thouches turns to crap. Those little guys do wonders for one's motivation in those dark times.

Does it matter whether it is a handcrafted token or a computer-generated card? Not really, although handcrafted tokens are the coolest thing and I love them. Nevertheless, it is the thought that counts. Someone, somewhere, took the pains of making a token or printing a card or leaving a note just to tell me that they appreciated my effort.

I am really grateful for that.

In that regard, I love leaving little tokens along with my card when I see something that impresses me. And no, they are not handmade tokens. Most of the time I purchase them and, in a pinch, I will add some Hershey's Kisses.

siobhan_sca inquired on ideas on what cool stuff could one leave for specific types of artisans such as embroiderers, cooks, etc.

Cooks: One of the coolest tokens that I got was from Master Robear for my cooking entry at KASF, and it was a small glass container with a wooden stopper containing salt.

Embroiderers: I have often left embroidery floss winders, which are really inexpensive, purchased from spanish_peacock

Costumers and other stitchers: Small beeswax figures, used for waxing thread. Another very cool and inexpensive trinket. I purchased mine from attack_laurel and I know that martelvonc carries them as well.

Other nifty little gifts are veil pins, which are good for any artisan. Usually female.

And of course, chocolate Kisses. Everyone likes those.

I like to leave a printed card with my name and information, and a message of "Thank you for your contribution to the arts and sciences." If I have ran out of any other tokens, I will only leave the card.

After all, the important thing is that you let the artisan know that his or her effort is appreciated, and to keep up the good work.

Anything else, is gravy.
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